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7th Year: On Patrol - L/J

Being Head Boy, James decided, was pretty fucking amazing. It wasn't just that he finally had the password to the Prefect Bathroom--which would have honestly been enough of a perk on its own, the bathtub in that place! (It was like they were asking him to do terrible, filthy, semi-illegal things in there, for Merlin's sake!) But it also meant getting to hang around with Lily more. Not that he would ever admit to Moony that he'd been well jealous, because reputation or no, being jealous of a mate is just not on, but the way the two of them always seemed to be whispering to one another and braiding each other's hair late into the night...well a bloke could only take so much torture, really.

At first, he hadn't really relished the idea of the responsibility that went with it. He wasn't one of these sort of swotty sorts who liked having to tattle, but it did mean docking points from Slytherins every chance he got, so there was that silver lining.

Tonight was shaping up to be a pretty boring round. He'd told off a couple of Hufflepuffs for not knowing how to correctly execute a Jelly Legs Jinx (then promptly showed them the right way), but other than that the halls were mostly dead. He sighed, rounding the corner to head toward the library. At least he might be able to finally check out that book on new defensive magic for DADA.
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