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The only one he ever feared

Name: Bawyssa
Any Nicknames? no
Age: 127
AIM/MSN sns: botherx3
Do you like to write fanfic in your spare time? I LOVE WRITING HARRY/HERMIONE AND HARRY/DRACO <3 <3
Previous rp experience: NO NONE
Played by (PB): Richard Harris (because I mean come on)

QUESTIONS (no need to really elaborate on these, just list or etc):

Full Name (including middle): Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Character journal: sherbert_lem0n
Date of Birth: 31 July 1881
Blood: Pure, though can that really ever tell you about a person’s true nature?
House they were in: Gryffindor
How long have they been teaching: Oh, far too long to count in years
Location outside of Hogwarts: None

Wand: Elder, Phoenix Feather, 14”
Elder archetypes among Celtic tree astrology tend to be freedom-loving, and sometimes appear to be a bit wild to the other signs of the zodiac. In younger years you may have lived life in the fast lane, often identified as a “thrill seeker.” At the time of your birth the light of the sun was fast fleeting and so you take the same cue from nature. You are often misjudged as an outsider as you have a tendency to be withdrawn in spite of your extroverted nature. In actuality, you are deeply thoughtful with philosophical bent. You also tend to be very considerate of others and genuinely strive to be helpful. These acts of assistance are sometimes thwarted by your brutal honestly (which you openly share solicited or otherwise).

Before his acquisition of the Elder Wand: Willow, 12", Phoenix Feather
If you are a Willow sign, you are ruled by the moon, and so your personality holds hands with many of the mystical aspects of the lunar realm. This means you are highly creative, intuitive, and intelligent. You have a keen understanding of cycles, and you inherently know that every situation has a season. This gives you a realistic perspective of things, and also causes you to be more patient than most tree signs. With your intelligence comes a natural ability to retain knowledge and you often impress your company with the ability to expound on subjects from memory. Willow Celtic tree astrology signs are bursting with potential, but have a tendency to hold themselves back for fear of appearing flamboyant or overindulgent. It is your powers of perception that ultimately allow your true nature to shine, and what leads you to success in life.
Patronus: Phoenix
Boggart: a young Gellert Grindelwald
What would they see if they encountered a Dementor? The death of his sister.
What would they see in the Mirror of Erised? His family, happy and whole (as nice as a pair of woolen socks might be)
What would they smell in the Amortentia Potion? parchment, sweat, lemon drops, brandy
If someone were to add a bit of them to a polyjuice potion, what color would they be? Mother of Pearl

Height: 6’ 5”
Weight: 13 stone
Eye Color: very light blue
Hair Color: silver
Any scars/handicaps? A very handy scar in the shape of the London underground over his left knee
Any habits/quirks? This list, unfortunately, would take far too long to compile.

Answers don't need to be longer than three-four sentences.

APPEARANCE: Very tall and thin with long silver hair, and a long silver beard and moustache. He favors wearing a dark blue or deep purple set of robes, generally with a nice matching hat. He also wears a watch with twelve hands, and planets round the face instead of numbers. He wears half moon spectacles over his, regrettably, broken nose, and is rarely seen without the trademark twinkle in his eye.

Likes: Knitting patterns, chamber music, tenpin bowling, sherbet lemons, Cockroach Clusters, hot cocoa, raspberry jam, Acid Pops, and a nice pair of woolen socks

Dislikes: Intolerance and injustice, in whatever forms they take

TEACHING STYLE: While he hasn’t taught a subject in quite some time, he runs Hogwarts in the way that he feels best helps the students. To him, the students are the most important thing. This means excepting them for who they are and the choices they make, no matter how triumphant or disastrous they may be.
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