Remus Lupin (rjlesq) wrote in slagsandhags,
Remus Lupin

Post Hogwarts: Remus & Sirius at the Flat.

Remus pushed aside the papers he was meant to be translating and stretched backward, hearing his spine crack as it bent against the back of the wooden chair. He'd been staring at these runes for hours and felt no closer to deciphering them than he ever had. This project had started out fascinating, a dozen or so ancient manuscripts that a private company in America hoped contained long forgotten spells, but it had quickly turned into a mind-numbing combination of boredom and faint hope. Not that he didn't appreciate the work, and the money that came with it. It certainly beat the dock work he'd been doing last month, and he had no idea how many strings Dumbledore had pulled to get him the job in the first place. He just wished he was making more progress...

He sighed and turned back to the papers, wondering idly when Sirius was going to get home. Nothing could break him out of a scholarly funk like a cold doggy nose in his ear, or Sirius' personal brand of lunacy. He would, of course, have to pretend to dislike the interruption, he had a reputation to uphold after all, but at the moment it was really the only thing he wanted. Well, if he was being honest, it was the only thing he <i>ever</i> really wanted.

Merlin Remus, you're such a woman...
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