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slags & hags.

a mwpp-era production.

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Frank: Can anyone think of things that are over-the-line time wasters?
Kingsley: This meeting.

Slags & Hags is proud to present a MWPP-era mockumentary. Through roleplay, fic, fanmixes, fanart, character development exercises, confessionals, and talking-head interviews, Slags & Hags will document characters in a nonlinear fashion from their current life at Hogwarts to their flashback scenes to their futures as Order members, Death Eaters, and everything else in between. Please sit back and enjoy the show.
1. You do not talk about Slags & Hags.
2. You DO NOT talk about Slags & Hags!
3. If someone yells "Imperio!", "Crucio!", or "Avada Kedavra!", the duel is over.
4. Only two wizards to a duel.
5. One duel at a time, hags.
6. The duels are wand only. No shirt, no shoes, no seconds.
7. The duel will go on as long as they have to.
8. If this is your first time at Slags & Hags, you have to duel.


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